My Life

Plain or peanut?

Introvert or Extrovert? 

Beach or mountains?
Both - Hawaii

Home, family, pets?

My husband is a marketer/writer and photographer and we have one adorable son and one adorable dog!

My Work

What I do at Fishhook?
I strategize communication—from churches to congregations, people to communities, clients to Fishhook. Whether it’s graphic design, marketing, writing, or website, I keep the lines of communication open between everyone. Additionally, I’m the “Air Traffic Controller” for all of the Fishhook website projects, making sure we stay on time and on budget . . . gotta land those planes.

Why I work here?
I get to put my creativity and communication skills to work everyday and get paid for it! Being able to work where I want and when I want (one of our core values) is exactly what I need. Plus, Evan feeds and entertains us to keep us around!

What I did before Fishhook?
Seven years in marketing/communications/PR for the Park District of Highland Park, Illinois and Carmel Clay Parks and Rec, Indiana, as well as marketing agency experience. I've been at Fishhook since 2008.

My home church?
College Park Church, Indianapolis.

What the Fishhook team thinks about Lindsay:

Megan says: "Lindsay has the greatest catalogue of voices and sounds! I can always count on her for a good laugh, or a good talk. She's also the team 'foodie,' constantly introducing us to new restaurants and recipes."

Shawn says: "I am amazed at how much information Lindsay can keep in her head. She keeps us moving full-steam ahead."

Meredith says: “Lindsay is direct and honest, and she has a kind, open heart — you can trust her to tell you the truth. She also always has one eye on the details and one eye on the bigger picture, like the conductor of an orchestra.”

Evan says: "Through my friendship with Lindsay I've learned to really value and better understand introverts - and I've come to love having dogs around the office!" 

Leah says: "Lindsay can keep about 100 plates spinning all at the same time. Amazing capacity for organizing! Plus, she's a great lunch date because she's always up for trying some place new."

Ben says: "The Monday morning web sync meeting has become vital to my week. Lindsay, our "Air Traffic Controller," is masterful at organizing projects timelines, streamlining tasks and to-dos, and keeping us all in formation!"

Aimee says: "Lindsay is so reliable. She keeps us all moving in the right direction. I admire her positive attitude and the way she seems to always find balance, even during a crazy-busy week."  

Shayla says: "Lindsay is amazing at managing many things all at once. I admire that about her. Lindsay also seemlessly does everything with grace."


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